Composite restorations are a modern technique to restore teeth. They improve both the functionality and appearance of the oral cavity. It involves creating thin covers to protect the teeth within the oral cavity. Composite veneers have a different material and construction technique than traditional veneers. Applying a layer of reflective composite material to the tooth's surface makes composite veneers. So, learn more about Composite Veneers Dubai Prices below.

What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers are the thinnest, most attractive overlays made of composite material. This technology is similar to artistic tooth repair. These plates are attached to the chewing surfaces of the teeth in the grin area. Composite veneers can quickly and dramatically correct aesthetic problems such as color, shape, gaps, and interdental issues. Composite veneers can be created and placed by the dentist in just one visit.

Who is a suitable candidate?

If the patient can afford it, this method of cosmetic tooth restoration is used.

  • Too wide gaps between teeth (diastema)
  • A chipped or damaged tooth.
  • There are fissures and enamel chips.
  • Teeth with a small crown section
  • There are three types of enamel flaws: spots, yellowing, and darkening.
  • An increase in abrasion is a fault that forms a wedge-shaped shape. There are also abnormalities in the row.

How are composite veneers installed?                    

Composite veneers can often be installed in one visit to an orthopedic dentist. Composite veneers are only placed on the affected area of the tooth. It preserves the rest of the tooth. Before applying layers of a light-polymer substance to the tooth's surface, the dentist cleans it. The substance hardens when it is exposed to a special dental lamp. Once the veneer is polished by the dentist, the veneer becomes shiny.


Prices for composite veneers in Dubai can range from AED 899 up to AED 4,999. The doctor will determine the final price after the initial consultation. Below are some factors that could affect the cost of treatment.

The Clinic's location:

Because it gives information about the area's gentry, the clinic's exact location can help determine the cost of treatment. If they are extremely wealthy, the cost of veneers will be higher. Veneers are, for example, more expensive in Dubai than they are in other UAE cities.

The Dentist's Expertise:

Another factor that influences the price is the dentist's experience. The most skilled dentist will charge more. However, it is better to go to a specialist dentist for flawless veneers or implants.

Clients Condition:

People just want to be able to show off their healthy smiles and not look like those with misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. The cost of treatment will vary depending on how the teeth are doing.


Most dentists use local anesthetics to numb the area around the mouth before placing veneers. It ensures that patients feel no discomfort. The anesthetic can increase the cost of treatment overall.

Ceramic or composite veneers?

Ceramic veneers can be more costly and require more visits. However, the result will be better in terms both of functionality and appearance.

  • There is no connection between the tissue of the native tooth and the restoration.
  • The color remains the same. Ceramics cannot absorb food colorings.
  • Ceramic veneers do not require any "upgrades" in the future.
  • With proper hygiene and routine inspections, you can expect 15 to 20 years of durability.

Composite veneers are less durable than their ceramic and zirconium counterparts due to imperfections in the materials they are made from. The lining will look normal for five years, according to dentists. In some cases, linings can become too thick and may fall out of the dentition. New technical materials can be created with a long service life of as little as five years.

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